The Riverside Way…

Expanding the Horizons of Opportunity.

Riverside Secondary is a comprehensive dual track secondary school serving approximately 1470 students in grades 9-12.  In addition to a strong academic program which includes French Immersion, Advanced Placement and Honours courses, Riverside offers students a wide and diverse range of elective opportunities.  Students are able to choose learning experiences that include Culinary Arts, Musical Theatre, CISCO Networking, Music Fusion, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Film and Television, 3D Animation, Automotive Techology, and Fitness.  Riverside also offers Hockey Academy Programs.

In addition to Riverside’s diverse course offerings, we offer one of the best leadership programs for students.  With over 300 students involved in leadership, our students are given opportunities to serve and lead in the community and around the globe.  This sense of philanthropy and goodwill are important attributes of our students.

Riverside prides itself on it’s culture of innovation.  We are the only secondary school in Coquitlam and one of the few public schools in BC in which all our students bring a tablet or laptop to school to integrate with their learning.  We believe that students must have a strong knowledge of technology, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creative, and critical thinking skills necessary for this 21st century.  Additionally, our students will develop a positive digital profile that will assist them in their future as they seek employment, scholarships, or post secondary opportunities.  With a strong focus on relationships, connections, purpose, and personalization, Riverside is known for being an exceptional school, with an innovative staff, and ambitious youth.