Les Cetaces: Forum Ce si est le lien a mon article de justification du forum. Sa document les cetaces en captivite et le fait qu’il mange les support fait en acier et

To my grade 11 self

Throughout grade 10, It started off good, but I was still learning the ropes and getting settled in to the city having been only a year since I moved. Naturally,

Shakespeare Reflection

I really liked the Shakespeare workshop, I thought it was a very active and inclusive way to be taught. I really liked that we played a few scenes from the

Compare and Contrast Essay

2 Things I did well: I thought I did well on the amount of content I included. I thought my use vocabulary was good 2 Things I could improve: Perhaps

Narrative Essay

cat-and-mouse Two things I did well.  I thought I did well with grammar in my essay. I also thought my vocabulary was decent. Two things I need to improve. I

First they came for the Jews – Building Understanding

What effects does discrimination have on our lives?  In the poem “First they came for the Jews” by Martin Niemoller, the author explains how “they” came for the Jews, but

The Masterpiece that is Moxie’s Grill and Bar

  Moxie’s as seen from Bourbon Street at West Edmonton Mall.   When it comes to casual restaurants, Moxie’s is basically everything you’d expect. Right off the bat, the service

Final Math Project

App 1: Exponents Math Logarithms for iOS. This app is pretty nifty, it is a cartoon based problem solving game that would help improve a student’s skills at solving algebra

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