English 11 – The Crucible Reflection –

Project (Olivia Harvey, Olivia McDonell, Izzy Attar):



1. How have you personally connected to, “The Crucible?”
I have connected to, “The Crucible” through it’s theme of adaptations of personalities. I believe that when surrounded by others, we slightly change who we are to better fit other’s personalities and to fit in. Personally, I change different aspects of myself when I’m surrounded by others to better fit with their personalities. In, “The Crucible”, the town had change parts of their personalities in order to better fit in with others in the town, respect it’s rules (of following the church), and not to be accused of being a witch by others. Much like in life, the characters in the story had a very herd-like mentality in following what everyone else in the town was doing, to fit in.

2. How and why have you responded to, “The Crucible” in a personal, creative, and critical way?
I have responded to many aspects of, “The Crucible”, however I have felt a greater connection to the theme in the story of hysteria. I unfortunately suffer from panic attacks, which can be triggered by others emotional reactions, or through something that I fear. In the story, these seemed to be the two ingredients that caused the irrational up-roar of accusations. The unstable emotional state of everyone in the town seemed to spread from one person to the next, due to their fear of witchcraft. I have creatively responded to this knowledge, through the different ways in which this form of fear and great emotion can be expressed through different forms and intensity. In this case, these emotions and fears were expressed through writing and acting. Critically, this story, has shown me the different intensity’s and forms that people can express fear, as well as seeing what the fear looks like from an outsider perspective. This perspective has allowed me to understand how the things that we fear can overwhelm us, and take form in different things, in this case the fear the town felt transformed into accusations of witchcraft.

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