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Citi Bike in New York City, The image wants this to be a common commuter setting. A positive social norm for low-carbon transport. You can see in cities around us bike sharing is getting more and more popular. Bike share is a service that makes public bikes available for shared use to people on a short-term basis. The bikes can be unlocked form one station and return to any station, making it ideal for short, one way trips.  Bike sharing is a way to reduce energy use and emissions in the transport sector.

High Speed Trains in China 2010. The image shows low-carbon behaviors as part of everyday life were will received.  The high-speed rail consists of a network of passenger-dedicated railways designed for speeds of 250-350 km/h. It would good for transportation since 100’s of people are able to travel together. The high-speed rail has low environmental risks and high economic and social benefits.


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