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The summary that I have came to the myth that you all may have heard of, Caffeine dehydrates you is false. That caffeine that you put into you body does not actually dehydrate you at all, most of the drinks that you put caffeine such as dark coffee which is 95% water. Reading up on this myth says that people think that I may dry out skin and causes headaches. I found a study that used 50 male coffee drinkers who consume around 3-6 cups of coffee a day and the study lasted 3 days so they could measure there process,  each day they would measure the total water mass and there plasma which analysed the caffeine confirm compliance. At the end of the texting there was no significant change in the total water mass in all 40 of the males. Drinking a significant amount of caffeine could lead to a small diuretic effect but this effect is not strong enough to counter balance the intake of the water since your body is made up of about 60% water. The study shows that actually say that is good to have a cup of coffee before  a run or a work out, one so you can get more energy and two because you are still intaking water. So to come to my conclusion the myth on that caffeine dehydrates you is busted and the result is that Caffeine is fine for the water level of your body and in moderation and can help wake yo up in the morning without you having to worry about your water intake balance.


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  1. Excellent research and work, Kasey. In the future, when creating a research-based argument, make sure you refer to the specific article when citing them to make your reader know where you got the information from. Other than that, excellent work!

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