Safety First – A Visual Guide


Make sure you have a fire escape plan that everyone knows about and know to stay calm and where the fire extinguisher is and how it use it.

In a case of a fire dont go on to any social media, if it is a small fire do what you can to put it out and if it is a bigger fire get out of the building.


As soon as you get a burn put it under cold running water so it stops burning. After go to a teacher to get it fixed up.

You have to make sure that the handles on your pots and pans are not sticking out from the stove. It can be really easy to knock over and a little child could easily try to reach and grab it. it could result in a bad accident with burning a main factor.


Always keep all chemicals away from you food and store is and use it were food will not touch it.

Make sure you are using the right chemicals for the right task and make sure that you are not using them in an area that it could contaminate your food.


This is something that can happen to anyone hot boiling water of any hot appliances can to damage that can change you life forever, so please think and let the water cool down before moving it.

When in the kitchen it is really important to prevent anyone from slipping, tripping or falling because it could result in something major. When you spill something make sure to clean it up straight away.


Never put a knife in the sink, because when cleaning your dishes you may cut yourself.


To prevent getting cut by a knife know to use the knife the proper way

Heavy lifting

When lifting heavy objects make sure that you lift up the object with your knees not your back

If too heavy ask for help to pick it up

Prevent Food Poisoning

Make sure that the food in the kitchen is stored in the right places to prevent getting food poisoning

Waste Management

Put whatever you can into the compost to reduce the waste in landfills

When composting know what you can and can not put in the compost.

Personal Hygiene 

Make sure when you are cooking that you wash your hand every time you touch raw meat and egg.

Make sure your hair is tied back so it does not get into the food

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