Post-Secondary Event Reflection

3 institutions that interested me the most are, KPU because it is famous for design. I can enter there by taking an English C+. My second interested institution is VCC because i want to be a make-up artist, and there is make-up department. My third interested institution is Eamily carr because my favourite is art, and the institution is famous for art. 

If I was applying to university today I would want to go to VCC, and I would take a make-up artistry department because one of my dream is a make-up artist, and I am difficult to find make-up department to other universities. 

The benefit to seeing so many post-secondary options before i finish high school is that i can know about many universities, and I can have a wider range of choices. 

My favourite part about seeing these universities is that i can know many universities i didn’t know. I can get to know the universities’ information quickly. 


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