Pursuit of Happyness reflection

Did you enjoy this film? Why or why not?
I enjoy this film . Bacause it give me a positive feeling.And it make me want to hard study and work .

What was the strongest emotion that you felt when watching the film? Explain
Feel sorry for the protagonist . Because I remembered his tears . He was driven out of the motel because he couldn’t pay the rent. He took his son on the bench of the subway, but he finally chose to face it optimistically. He played a time machine game with his son and pretended they were back in ancient times, to escape the dinosaurs, so he fled to their cave, which was actually a toilet in the subway, and when his son slept on his arm, At the same time, someone knocked on the toilet, he wished the knock stopped, do not disturb his son’s dream. He cried in silence, and I knew he swore in his heart that I would work harder because I wanted to live a happy life with my son.

What three lessons did you learn about life from this movie?
1.When you meet trouble and you can’t solve it .Don’t give up ,try other ways to solve it .
2.You should believe one day happyness will come to you .
3.Hard working!

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