This is my fear. The image above is an image of the trash bin and shed at my workplace. On multiple occasions I have been sent out the shed or the dumpster when it is dark out to either get supplies from the shed or take out the garbage. These tasks take time and […]

Where I am from Poem

I am from clothes From seams and threads I am from the hangers in the closet Dark, cozy, the creaking folding doors I am from poinsettias Beautifully smelling and bright I’m from big dinners and blue eyes From Timothy and Susanne I am from the loud and bouncy and calm and quiet From “I’m counting […]

Math 9 Final Review 2017

The difference between (-3)^4 and -3^4 (-3)^4 = (-3)x(-3)x(-3)x(-3)=81 When the negative sign is in the brackets you multiply negative 3 , 4 times -3^4= -(3)x(3)x(3)x(3)= –81 When the negative sign is not in the brackets the answer is automatically negative


In my opinion, statistics play a big role in our current day society with many things. Politics, advertisement, population, the list goes on! I learned that it is not always easy to trust all surveys and what they represent. They could have many problems that may influence the way the survey is answered. I learned […]