What is a Blog?

Why You Should Blog

1. It gives you a stage to share what you are learning and doing with other people, and to collaborate with others.

2. It shows your progress and learning over your four years at Riverside so that we, you, and your family can see your growth over time.

3. You can create a positive digital footprint that you will be able to showcase during job interviews and future opportunities.

How to Get Started

1. Go to: myriverside.sd43.bc.ca

2. Click Login

3. Enter Your

Username: first name, last initial-2013. e.g bryang-2013

Password: The one you were given

Press Login!

Login with IPAD App

1. Download the App

2. Add Edublogs Campus Site

3. Enter URL: myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/YOUR USERNAME

4. Enter Your Username: e.g bryang-2013

5. Enter Your Password

6.  Press Save

Start Blogging!