Pop Can Race

I think our combination will work, but it probably won’t go very far because the static from my hair won’t be sustainable. (Our combo is hair+balloon+friction)

Hypothesis test: I will race our can too see the results.

Observations: Just as I predicted in my hypothesis above, our combination proved to be effective, but also true to my hypothesis it didn’t last long. I had to recharge every few seconds.

Conclusions: So after seeing my own race, and a few other people I have concluded that the best materials to use would to charge a balloon with something like hair or fur.

1. Best combinations and why they worked best
pretty much everyone used the same combination we did, so I guess you could say they also worked the best. I think it was effective because it provided the biggest charge.
2.Combinations that were least effective and why:
I don’t think anyone had a “least effective” combination because everyone used pretty much the same thing.


By: Alerik

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  1. Mr. Robinson at |

    I really like how you have demonstrated the scientific method with your post. It was unfortunate that you didn’t see a lot of variations in what people used to create the greatest charge. I wonder if there would be a way of measuring the charge on these objects.

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