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PoCo-opolis 500

This is my and Sarah’s video for the PoCo-opolis 500 lab in science. In this lab, we tested different objects to make a static charge. Also, we must measure each of these objects and see which pair will make the most static charge. Which do you think the two objects can create the greatest charge?

Published inScience 9


  1. Mr. Robinson

    Fantastic video lab. All parts expertly completed. Can I use this as an example for future students?

    • aiessad2017

      Thank you, and yes you can use our video.

  2. connork2017

    Great Editing on this video I really understood what was going on.

  3. rhiannon2017

    Wow, your video was very interesting and i think that you had really good editing. I liked how you showed us what you did and that you made it cool for everyone to. See. Good job!

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