Long long after school against a teacher’s reward
These are two stories about two boys that get bullied because they are different and because they have a different point of view on the world.
There is a guy named Wes he has a different skin type then most people and he gets treated poorly because of his skin type and the way that he does thing in his life which because he is different then the other boy because they are white and Wes is the only black man in there town but. He was picked on as a kid because he is different the other kids always made fun of him sand treated him poorly which makes kids racist because Wes is a dark-skinned man. Miss Trethewey the teacher in grade 3 for Wes always made him feel a little bit better every time which was great because that made her better then the other teachers but the other teachers picked on her as well because she was being nice to a kid that was a different colour then the other boys.
The second boy was called Rabe and he got treated poorly because he was poor and he didn’t have his parents to take care of him and the teacher always picked on him because he was different and yet he ended up in prison because of the way that the teacher treated him she always beat him and made his nuchals bleed and always left him out of things because he didn’t have proper jeans or didn’t have just any type of proper clothing and yet most kids don’t need expensive clothes like all you need is clothes and a roof over your head.
The two boys they got picked on because they were different Wes got picked on because he was a dark-skinned man and everyone in the town was white and Wes was the only dark-skinned man in there town and Rabe was picked on because he was poor and the teacher always had something unnecessary to say to rabe because he was poor and everyone made fun of him and honestly I think judging someone for there skin colour is rude and very disrespectful and like the way things go is tough for a black man because people always think that they are mean people because they way people say things about them.
And rabe was poor and people are very rude because when you don’t have a lot of money is tough because people say oh look at these 100-dollar pair of shoes when others buy shoes for 20 bucks and like its tough for someone like rabe but he always tried his best to eat stay healthy and always try his best and yet he didn’t get treated that way.
Always be nice treat each other with respect and always do your best don’t make people feel like they’re not wanted and always do your best and make it self-observed then to make it hard on yourself then to make your life easier then harder.