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What did you learn about British Columbia?

I learned about physical geography, economy, and population of British Columbia. I have been living in BC for one and half year, but I realized that information about BC I have still is not enough because I learned all information except for geography that I already learned in Canadian studies class on this website. The most interesting is about the economy. The economy of BC is rooted in natural resources: fish, minerals, hydroelectricity, and timber. However, while time passes, the newer industries are progressing either. Eco-tourism, agri-tourism, film and high tech have become important economic drivers over the last decade are examples of the newer industries in BC. I was pretty surprised at the population of BC. I heard that the house price in BC are getting higher, for a lot of immigrants came to Vancouver. However, I could not predict that people who are more than half of the whole population of BC are living in Vancouver now. While reading physical environment part, I got the interest in the national park in Vancouver Downtown, because, of course, I have visited Vancouver Downtown several times but I have not visited the park yet. British Columbia is the best and most beautiful environment in Canada. I could enjoy learning about British Columbia from this website.

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