Week 9 in Math 10

We started to learn Polynomial Factoring Unit in this week. When we solve the questions, it takes a lot of time for simplified, so we tried to find the pattern or the method of simplifying polynomials by ourselves. The picture is one of the method to solve binomials easily. xis a square, x is a stick, and 1 is a smaller square.

2x and +1 can be each multiplied by x-3.

2x * (x-3) = 2x * x – 2x * 3 = 2x2 – 6x, 1 * (x – 3) = x -3. So,  2x2 – 5x – 3.

We solve the product of polynomials, I found the pattern how to simplify the polynomials easily.

  1. When x is multiplied by x, just multiply the coefficients firstly and multiply xtoo.
  2. (ax + b)(cx + d) => (bc + ad)x
  3. Just Multiply another number in the polynomial as step 1.

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