Planning 10

Careers&Conversations reflection

Caroline Zhang  BLOCK:A

I spoke to Ashley Impellezzere and she is a career coach. From her words, I know not every work can easily do perfect, just like she will have a lot of speeches, so she will need to do a lot of preparation work. In order to deep into the hearts of the students, she must  fully understand the students. I don’t think I will consider his work, because I can’t use my own words to influence others, I can only bring my positive energy to others. The quality of her work requires patience and careful preparation. And I think the necessary skills are professional speaking, a little psychology and a very important level of writing. If I want to choose thus job, I will choose a professional speech good university and make use of my own time to practice speaking and I will find many teachers to communicate to improve my skills. In the end, I think this conversation is very important to me, because I knew a lot of different profession and I also understood not all professional easy, not all people to work for the money. We are toward the direction of our dreams, I will constantly strive for my dream, until I realized my dream.

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