Digital Footprint

1: How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities ?

Digital footprint can effect your life in some ways. It can take away your opportunities to going into university or getting a career and building a future for yourself. digital footprint can also effect your job career, when you go to a job interview the people who work there they will look you up on the internet and they will see what you have been doing for the past years on internet. and if you are all positive they will except you to get the job. Same thing in university if you are all  positive on internet and social media and you have been doing inappropriate things they will except you.






2: Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe ?


The first strategy that i can use to keep my digital footprint safe and appropriate is to be positive on social media and on the internet, you can be positive by posting appropriate photo’s and not being mean to other people on social media. also you can search appropriate things on the internet that can help you and you can understand a lot of good things from it.  if you stay positive on the internet and social media and other things you have a high chance of getting a career or even going into university. If you want to be safe on the internet or social media then you make both of these accounts privet so no one can hack them or mess them up.









3: What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students ?

The things that i learned about the internet and social media that i would pass to a different student or a different person . is to be careful on what you are doing or posting or commenting on other people posts. because all of thous bad things that you have been doing in the past they will come back to hunt you in your future. and if that happens it will be really hard to find a job for yourself and also it will be hard to get into university. And also use the internet to search good information that can help you in your school and your future that you are building.


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