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Death Can Bring Life
I was interested because I wanted to know why some people donate their organs. The author is insightful: “All boundaries disappear, no matter age, gender, religion, politics or geography.” This suggests death can make all people understand each other. The article depicts death, and everyone will die sometime. The article demonstrates that life is fragile, and while we are alive we should be good to ourselves and other people. If we are organ donors, another person can live even if we have an accident. If we never think about death, we will not really appreciate our own life.

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Love Beyond Measure

I was interested in how the writer changed her idea about the meaning of love. When her husband took care of her so much, she thought he must love her more than she could ever love him. I thought this was ironic because she should love him more if he helps her so much. Her feeling illustrates that she believed she could measure love, and his love was stronger than her love. Her new idea is that love just gets stronger when husband and wife help each other, so if he ever needs help later she can do the same for him.