Readers Response: “A Television Drama”

Part A – The Reporter’s POV

“Right now we are outside the street where the murder was found, it is said the town never had an incident like this before. We had warned the residents to stay inside their houses and clear the streets since we do not know if the murder suspect is armed or not. Right now the police are all over the streets trying to find the suspect. The suspect is said to be guilty of murder and theft, for the ones that saw him, don’t attempt to do anything on your own, inform the police immediately,” I stated, deciding to go observe the area and attempt to get more information.

Part B – Media and “A Television Drama”

It seems like most people that didn’t see what really happened makes up what they think happened, exaggerating and creating false facts. Other people didn’t see exactly what happened where Carolee really saw what happened but decided not to tell anybody about it. After that Carolee watched the news and thought what would have happened if she did something, since she was involved in a way. If she wasn’t involved she might have just gotten over it quickly.