This week in Pre-Calc 11 we learned about finding the solutions to an inequality. This is fairly easy to understand as it is only plugging in a point on a graph (usually 0,0). To make sure it is true you plug in a 0 for x and y to see if the solutions are true.

For example we’ll use the inequality y > 2x – 1.

So, we see on this graph the line goes through y at -1.

So, we plug in (0,0) to figure out if the solution is true.

So, 0 > 2(0) -1

0 > -1

We all know that 0 is greater than -1 making the solution true.

Since (0,0) is a true solution we shade that side.

if it wasn’t a solution it would be on the other side.

Week 11 – Solutions of an Inequality

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