This week in math, we had learned how to rationalize fractions and it is quite easy. For radicals being in the denominator you have to get rid of it. You would have to multiply the fraction by the radical over the same radical (For example… \frac 1 {5\sqrt{3}} \cdot \frac {5\sqrt{3}} {5\sqrt{3}}

So for example… \frac 1 {3\sqrt{3}}

So, you would need to multiply it by the radical. \frac 1 {3\sqrt{3}} \cdot \frac {3\sqrt{3}} {3\sqrt{3}}

which would turn into.. \frac {3\sqrt{3}} {9\sqrt{9}}

then that would become \frac {3\sqrt{3}} {9 \cdot 3}

and the final result is \frac {3\sqrt{3}} {27}

Which would be simplified into \frac {\sqrt{3}} {9}

Now that is how to rationalize a fraction.

Week 4 – Rationalizing Radicals

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