Week 18 – Pre Calculus 11

Well the end is almost upon us.

This is going to be the second to last post of the year and in this post I will be explaining sine law.

The thing that the image is trying to say is to make sin law possible their cant be any right angles (Any angle equal to 90 degrees)

To make Sin law work you must figure out which side is which so angle A is opposite side a, angle B is opposite side b and angle C is opposite side c. Remember that angles are always labelled with capital letters and sides are with lowercase

Now you must write out the formula and figure out what goes where. Dont worry if one or two fractions are missing numerical values as long as you have one complete fraction then you will be fine.

You then make sure that your variable is one top. If it’s on the bottom, you are allowed to flip the equation to have the angles on the top and the sides on the bottom.

Once you finish this step cross multiply and solve fo the undknown using basic algebra.

If you are finding an angle you must use the inverse Sin otherwise you will not be able to find the angle propperly.

Once you do this many times you will start the get the hang of it.






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