Work Place Safety

Things I Would Do To Stay Safe At Work

  1. I will wear the appropriate safety equipment
  2. I will remove any  dangling hoodie strings and loose clothing
  3. I will ask my employer for help if needed

To Help Co-Workers Safety I Will

  1. Help them if they are doing something unsafe
  2. Remind them about the safety protocols in the workplace

Which Story More Resonates Me?

  1. The story that most compares to me is the story of the man who fell off the ladder because of the timing being so unexpected. My First job is most likely being a life guard the job relies on your instinct and your reaction time to a person in distress. Because of the job is risking your life to save another person this job could become very dangerous.
  2. Working in the pool you have to expect the unexpected and somethings can happen in an instant from this accident i have learned that be aware of your surrounding and all ways be aware of what people tells you.

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