Two Fisherman

Terrell Smith
English 11
18 September 2017
Mr. Barazzoul

Character sketch

In the story “Two Fisherman” written by Morley Callaghan the character Smitty is, “A mild,

harmless-looking little guy”( Morley Callaghan 1). He is also the executioner in the story he came to

town for two things to fish and to execute Thomas Delaney. Smitty is a nice person. He wanted to go

fishing to bring home fish for his wife, so he could feed his family. Smitty looks like, “ A little fellow

without a hat, sitting down with his knees hunched up to his chin, a very small man with little grey baby

curls on the back of his neck” ( Morley Callaghan 1). Smitty becomes friends with Michael the other

main character in the book over a fishing trip; they did not catch any fish, so Smitty offered to go again

tomorrow. Smitty was hesitant to answer Michael’s questions about his work because if he told him that

he was the executioner that he would just perceive him as a bad person. Smitty’s job as the executioner

makes him seem like a bad person because his job is killing people, so he is usually not loved by the

people. Before he did the execution he gave Michael two fish that he caught that day because Michael

couldn’t come fishing again. Then he did his job and executed Thomas Delaney. On that day their were

reporters there to report the event, and Michael was one of them. They all didn’t like Smitty for killing

him but that was still his job. They all threw any objects they could find at him. One might think that is

not fair because he is just doing his job like anyone else. Then someone stole the fish the Smitty gave

Michael and threw it at him; so Smitty felt betrayed.