All About Me – Tanya Tettenborn

( This blog is to show you a bit of how summer 2017 went)

Finally, summer break I`ve been waiting for this for what felt like forever! The day after school ended I went outside, I felt free. I was prepared to have the best summer ever. We finally arrived at my grandma’s house at predator ridge in Vernon. Automatically I went down stairs to see my cousin who I haven’t seen since March. The first week of summer was very hot I felt like I was going to get heat stroke, but luckily, I didn`t. My whole summer had a lot of ups and downs, one of the downs is I fell and scraped my leg really badly, and I have a scar from that. But I’m not going to be telling you about the bad things that happened. This whole summer I was drama free because I was away from everyone, however if there was any drama I would go golfing. I love golfing, basically my entire family loves golfing, so my grandma signed my cousin and I up for golf lessons. Golfing is probably one of my favourite sports because it’s always so quiet. Since I’m hitting the ball it’s kind of like my coping mechanism I just pretend the ball is the thing that making me stressed and I just hit it. When I’m not playing golf, I would probably be in the comfort on my bed watching movies. However, if I’m not watching movies in my bed I would be at the movie theater. This summer I watched two of my favourite movies, they are spider-man homecoming and it. I usually don’t like super hero movies because I usually like to watch horror movies instead, but my cousin made me go to this one and I’m glad I went. Finally, my favourite hobby ever which is listening to music. I listen to music almost every day, it has become a big part of my life because it is my most used coping mechanism. Since Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite musicians my sister, cousin, and I all went to his concert, he was amazing, I didn’t want to leave, I could listen to his music all day. Camila Cabello is another one of my favourite musicians, and I got to meet her. I felt like I was going to cry, I was definitely shaking a lot I just couldn’t believe that I met her. The very last thing I did this summer was I taught myself how to play the piano, I learned how to play Greedy by Ariana Grande and I learned how to play heart and soul. In conclusion summer 2017 was definitely one to remember, and I hope summer 2018 will be just as good.