All summer in a day questions

All Summer in A Day Questions


  1. After the children see the sun, they “could not meet each other’s glances” when they think what they have done to Margot. Has seeing the sun changed the children in any way? If so, how? Do the children better understand and sympathize more with Margot after seeing the sun? Why, or why not?



They felt bad because Margot was telling them about the sun and they all thought she was lying, they finally saw the sun and understood what Margot was talking about so they felt bad



  1. Why do you think Margot acts the way she does—why doesn’t she play with her classmates, for example? Why does she react so strongly to the shower?


She doesn’t play with the kids because she gets bullied by them, I think because the shower reminds her of the rain, and because it rains all the time she is tired of it


  1. Why do you think the other children mistreat Margot? Why do they refuse to believe what she says? Why do you think the boy says, “Nothing’s happening today”? What does this show about why people bully others?


The other kids mistreat Margot because she is different, she came from earth and has actually seen the sun before, and they are jealous that she still remembers how the sun used to be, they bully her because they don’t know how to deal with their jealousy



  1. What do you think happens after the story ends?


I think all the kids apologize the Margot for doing this, and I think because Margot was sad I think her parents took her back to earth




  1. What do you think the sun might symbolize in this story? It represents more than just the actual, physical sun. What long-term effect do you think never seeing the sun might have on people? What do you think the story suggests about advanced technology that might allow us to do things like live on Venus?


I think the sun represents hope, because they know that there is something else out there to believe in, I think that having advanced technology isn’t always the best thing, it can’t replace nature



  1. What do you think are the themes and messages of the story? Think about the situation the people in Venus are in, as well as the consequences of it, and consider what happens to Margot in the story as well.


Enjoy the little things, don’t bully people for believing in different things

a mountain journey

these are the questions for “A Mountain Journey”

  1. He was going to sell 5 pounds of fur


  1. Water had seeped down his socks into his boots and his feet were cold and clammy. He had fallen into an air hole. He knew what he should do. He should stop, make a fire, dry his hands and feet, change his socks and mittens. If he hurried he could make it.


  1. branches sweeping low, cradled in its roots he had seen the brown mossy ground where no snow had fallen and where he might have made his fire and spread his bl He could’ve stayed there but he didn’t.

He should stop, make a fire, dry his hands and feet, change his socks and mittens. But it was late. It would mean staying for another night underneath a tree.

He didn’t rest at the first cabin so he walked another 10 miles

He could’ve waited 2 weeks later because the days could’ve been longer and the snow would’ve been crusty but he didn’t wait

  1. he made a lot of mistakes like falling into the river, not drying his hands and not warming up, he did not rest when he should have


  1. the setting was up in the snowy mountains, sometime in February, northern BC, cold, close to dusk


  1. the white cabin at the end with the open door resembles death inviting him in.


  1. something that lives or lasts forever
  2. a state of not moving, motionless
  3. not able to see through, not transparent
  4. prolongation of a sound, resonance
  5. something that gets your going
  6. resembling a corpse, very pale
  7. to gather into a crowd or mass
  8. an overwhelming abundance of people or a flood of people
  9. reduce someone to poverty
  10. to steal something in a casual way ( that’s a low amount of cost)



the Friday everything changed

The Friday Everything Changed



  1. The boys were upset because “it was something they dreamed about since grade one” “it meant you were one of the big guys.” “something of theirs was being threated” so they weren’t happy


  1. The boys threated the girls. As soon as class was over they went right for alma. But instead of the girls just watching her get beaten up they stood up for her. Almas cousin came and talked to alma, he said “carrying the water isn’t that fun anyway. On cold days it’s really hard work, you`re better off in the warm school.” But alma said “I’m sorry Arnold but I’m used to cold weather. In the winter, I walk to school same as you



  1. Almas seat mate is the one telling the story.


  1. The setting took place in the 1900s sometime after the war because they were referring to German war planes, the class room was a one room school. It didn’t have running water, but instead it had a bucket of water. It’s a person vs society conflict because alma Niles was switching the rules about girls having no rights.



  1. Alma Niles is the protagonist because she was the one who asked the question “why can’t girls carry the water bucket too?”


  1. Everything changed on Friday because that was the day alma Niles asked why can’t girls carry the water too. Girls can do anything the guys can do.



  1. coat (iron or steel) with a protective layer of zinc
  2. (of a chance or possibility) unlikely to occur
  3. excite or exhilarate.

“the team was intoxicated by the prospect of another victorious season”

  1. giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen
  2. enhancing something
  3. lonely and sad
  4. with sincere and intense conviction; seriously
  5. dwell on one’s own success
  6. to become motionless with horror, wonder, or astonishment.
  7. Spin around, twirl, turn around


All About Me – Tanya Tettenborn

( This blog is to show you a bit of how summer 2017 went)

Finally, summer break I`ve been waiting for this for what felt like forever! The day after school ended I went outside, I felt free. I was prepared to have the best summer ever. We finally arrived at my grandma’s house at predator ridge in Vernon. Automatically I went down stairs to see my cousin who I haven’t seen since March. The first week of summer was very hot I felt like I was going to get heat stroke, but luckily, I didn`t. My whole summer had a lot of ups and downs, one of the downs is I fell and scraped my leg really badly, and I have a scar from that. But I’m not going to be telling you about the bad things that happened. This whole summer I was drama free because I was away from everyone, however if there was any drama I would go golfing. I love golfing, basically my entire family loves golfing, so my grandma signed my cousin and I up for golf lessons. Golfing is probably one of my favourite sports because it’s always so quiet. Since I’m hitting the ball it’s kind of like my coping mechanism I just pretend the ball is the thing that making me stressed and I just hit it. When I’m not playing golf, I would probably be in the comfort on my bed watching movies. However, if I’m not watching movies in my bed I would be at the movie theater. This summer I watched two of my favourite movies, they are spider-man homecoming and it. I usually don’t like super hero movies because I usually like to watch horror movies instead, but my cousin made me go to this one and I’m glad I went. Finally, my favourite hobby ever which is listening to music. I listen to music almost every day, it has become a big part of my life because it is my most used coping mechanism. Since Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite musicians my sister, cousin, and I all went to his concert, he was amazing, I didn’t want to leave, I could listen to his music all day. Camila Cabello is another one of my favourite musicians, and I got to meet her. I felt like I was going to cry, I was definitely shaking a lot I just couldn’t believe that I met her. The very last thing I did this summer was I taught myself how to play the piano, I learned how to play Greedy by Ariana Grande and I learned how to play heart and soul. In conclusion summer 2017 was definitely one to remember, and I hope summer 2018 will be just as good.