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week 16 - math 10 - Functions
Point slope form:   point slope form is another line equation in which you use slope (m) and a point on the line (X^1, X^2) and it is formatted like y-x^2=m(x-x^2)   More)
week 15 - math 10 - Functions
Equation of a line:   A good and easy equation is the slope y-intercept formula, it is in the form of y=mx+b slope = m and y-intercept = b   More)
week 14 - math 10 - functions
Slope:   The slope of a line is the rise of the line divided by the run of the line. the rise is the height of the line between two points and the run is the length between two points. More)
Week 13 - math 10 - functions
function notation:   a function notation shows a co-ordinate on a graph in the form of f(x)=y. an example ... (More)
Week 12 - Math 10 - Functions
Domain and Range: the domain and range of a line is basically just the length and height based on the X and y of the graph... Here is an example... (More)
math 10 week 18 elimination
This week, we have learned another method for solving linear systems. It is called elimination. The elimination method for solving systems of linear equations uses the addition property of equality. You can add the same value to each side of an equat (More)
Week 11 - Math 10 - Intercepts
X and Y intercepts: the X- and Y- intercepts are important and easy to find... X - intercept = when Y=0 Y - intercept = when X=0   (More)
Week 18 - Math 10 - Elimination + Core Competency
This week, which also happens to be the final week of math, I learned Elimination. Elimination is another way to solve a system. In Elimination, you solve a system by first removing a variable to get the other variable, then inserting that vari (More)
Week 17 - Math 10 - Systems of linear equations
This week, we learnt what "systems of linear equations" meant. All it really means is that there's more than 1 line. There are 3 different scenarios where this would occur if you are using straight lines. More)
Week 15 - Math 10 - Straight Lines
This week, we learnt how to find the equation of a straight line. The equation for a straight line is y=mx+b. We know the x and y represent any coordinate on the line. But what does the m and b mean? More)
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