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Math 10 - week 18 - elimination
In this week of Math 10 we learned about the Elimination method. The first step is to find a zero pair. If we use the example 3x+4y=2.5 and 5x-4y=25.5 the +4y and -4y cancel each other out. You then have 8x=28. To cancel out x you divide both s (More)
Math 10 - week 17 - veryfying solutions
If you have 2 equations with a solution, you'd often want to verify them. You can do this by plugging in the x and y values into both equations. this will show us if the solution is correct Here is an example of a equation being verified More)
Math 10 - week 16 - converting to general form
In this week of math 10 we learned how to convert equation into general form. General form is when the equation always equals to zero. General form is usually considered useless because it doesn't give a slope and it also has the x and y value on the (More)
Math - 10 - week 15
In this week of Math 10 we learned how to solve the equation of a line using hints. By using the formula y=mx+b we can use hints to find the equation of the lines. If we were given the hints "slope of 5" and "intercept of 7". We can use these hint (More)
math 10 - week 14 - slope formula
In this week of math 10 we learned how to calculate the slope of a line on a graph. The slope is the steepness of the line on the graph and we can find the slope by using "rise over run" Step 1: look for points in the line where it crosses over a (More)
math 10 - week 13 - Function notation
In this week of Math 10 we learned about function Notation. For this example a function is represented by f(x). If we were to have an equation such as f(x)=x+7 and our function was f(3), you would then substitute the x in the equation for 3. Our e (More)
Math 10 - week 12 - Functions and relations
In this week of math 10 we learned about functions and relations. A function is a special type of relation where every x value goes with one y value. There cannot be a multiple of the same x value. every x value is unique This is an example of (More)
Math 10 week 18 Core competencies
I think solving systems by elimination is the most complex one if you compared it to the other two. Because you need to take some steps to solve it. (Steps) 1. Adjust the formula to make it easier to calculate 2. Add or subtract ② from ① (More)
Optional final math blog
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/yoseii2018/files/2020/06/Top-5-thing-that-I-learned-from-math-10.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ]   (More)
week 17 - math 10 - Functions
System of linear equations:   A system of linear equations is the solution where the lines or equations meet. these systems can have 0,1, or infinite solutions. 0 solutions is when the lines are parallel. More)
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