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Green House - Solution Fluency
Green House – Solution Fluency  By Carmela Dizon  Define: The challenge is I have been hired by my family to outline three options for our current house to become more energy efficient. The house we have in Birch Bay has a two stories, four (More)
How To Make Your House Greener: Solution fluency
DEFINE: The challenge that I was given is to research and come up with ideas to make my house more energy efficient. This project includes the solution fluency (the 3 d's) and with those fluencies, I was able to find renovations to contribute to a gr (More)
Green House - Solution Fluency
Define: I have been given a challenge by being hired by my family to make our 2 floored, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, no self efficient windows, LED lights house, more energy sufficient. I will have to generate 3 different ideas on how I could make this ho (More)
Green House - Solution Fluency Jayden Wenzel
i have been hired by a family in vancouver who wants there house to be more eco friendly. there house is 2,456 square feet and they have around 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and they have around 12 windows and its 2 floors. DEFINE: the challenge i ha (More)
Green House - Solution Fluency
For this mini project, I have been hired by a family to renovate there house so it becomes more energy efficient. My goal is to give them 3 different options to choose from and hopefully, they like at least one of my ideas. There are many differen (More)
Green House Solution Fluency
Green house – Solution Fluency Define: The challenge I have been given, is to make my house more energy efficient, since i was 'hired' by my parents to make the house more Energy Efficient. which would mean to save electricity. Discover: I will (More)
Green house - solution fluency
define-  so i have been hired by my parents to make the house more green the house is a 2 floor and has 4 bedrooms and a basement my job is to make the house more and better for out environment  and it might be hard but we can do it  so lets get star (More)
Green House - Solution Fluency
Solution fluency  Define:  The challenge I was given was how to try to make living style of a home more energy efficient, in three different ways. The house was my parents, and it's a 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. The house is in the city where (More)
Energy efficiency
[embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/sahirm2017/files/2018/06/Energy-effciency-ADL-10-1fqqkar.pptx" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Green House-Solution Fluency
DEFINE: My aunt and uncle hired me to renovate their house into a more energy efficient living space. I am going to give them three options.after that, I am going to share how each of these options work, approximately how much it costs and all the ne (More)
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