Narrative Essay Assignment – Narrative Essay gr 9 ’14

Examples of Narrative Essays:

Narrative Essay Powerpoint- Narrative Essay

A good website to use to help write your essays: http://www.mesacc.edu/~paoih30491/intropgph.html

Short Story Essay

Types of Sentences- Explanation and exercise

Sentence fluencies

Sentence fluencies pdf

Short Story Outline- must be completed before






Worksheets for grammar, punctuation and spelling


Descriptive Writing Paragraph

Today we are writing a descriptive paragraph. Here is the assignments:

Descriptive Paragraph Back to School in Gaza Grade 9

Descriptive Paragraph Back to School in Gaza Grade 9pdf


Gaza aftermath, Gaza city, 15.9.2014







Six Word Memoir

What do the words we write really have to say about us? Using the power of words, write a six word memoir about you and your life.


Six Word Memoir-student

Six Word Memoir Instructions


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