Short Stories


Is Technology Making Us Dumb?







Welcome to the world of short stories. We will be reading four different stories that ask questions regarding the relationship between humans and technological, scientific, social and environmental “progress”.

We will be learning how to analyze for understanding and how to identify literary devices. We will be learning how to be “meta-cognitively” aware of our reading strategies. There will be two writing assignments for each story and a final creative writing project at the end.

Here is the terminology you need to know for grade 9 English. Save this pdf file to your “Short Story” folder. Prose Fiction Terminology 9

Here is the first story- Journey by Night

Here are the stories on pdf:

Below are the assignments:

Below are some handouts for Reading Strategies

Below is the reference for responding to fiction:

Below is the assessment rubric:



Short Story Project:

Answers  for all the stories-

Organizer-grade-9-answers finalwithtest


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