Poetry 9

Iambic Pentameter – 

The verse below starts at :54 seconds and ends about 1:19.

His PALMS are SWEATy, KNEES weak, ARMS are HEAVy
There’s VOmit ON his SWEATer alREADy, mom’s spaGHETTi
He’s NERVous, but ON the SURFace he LOOKS calm and READy
To DROP BOMBS, but HE keeps ON forGETtin
What HE wrote DOWN, the WHOLE crowd GOES so LOUD
He OPens his MOUTH, BUT the WORDS won’t come OUT
He’s CHOKin, how EVeryBODy’s JOKin NOW
The CLOCK’S run OUT, TIME’S up OVer, BLOah!


Concept Map assignment- Concept Map Assignment Concept Map Assignment pdf

Spoken Word/Rant/I believe Graphic Organizer Spoken Word GO

Spoken Word instructions Spoken Word Presentation   Spoken Word Presentation pdf

Vocabulary words for Tone and Mood – tone_mood_words- pdf     tone_mood_words

Poetry Terminology- need to know for the concept map.


Inferring in poetry- writing a personification poem

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