Wednesday- Indian Horse Continued

  1. Review what you read over the weekend. In your group, answer the following questions:
    1. How would you characterize Virgil? What are some direct and indirect characterizations of him?
    2. Why is Saul kicked off the team? Chapter 23.
    3. “They think its their game” pg. 94. What does Saul mean by this?
    4. What did hockey “give” Saul?
    5. Contrast Virgil and Saul. How do they differ in their views of the game?
  2. Logophile: Choose three- five words you “collected” on your stickie. Find the definition online. Be sure it matches the context of the word in the story. Share these words with your group. Write ONE of each (no doubling) on a recipe card. Write the meaning on the back. Give to me for a future project.
  3. No Red Ink: Dependent and Independent Clauses
  4. Quiz on  Friday.
    1. Choose your BEST characterization of a character. I want to see your direct quote with the trait and two indirect quotes with correct traits. Do they match? The quote is evidence for the trait.
    2. One question on Visualization. Be sure you have some stickies on this reading strategy.
    3. Inquiry question stickies. Find two quotes you think answer your inquiry question. According to these quotes, what is the answer so far?
      1. Can you think of another source that answers your question? Tell me the source and the answer to your question.
    4. Devices (multiple choice). I will give you some lines from the book with devices contained within. You are to identify the device.
    5. A couple small open ended questions.

Tuesday- Creative Writing + Review

  1. Creative Writing until 9:40
  2. We watched this video and chose one scene from our creative writing project to ‘slow down’ to create suspense.
  3. Quiz on Thursday or Friday. When I say quiz, it will be open book. The only reason I call it a ‘quiz’ is because you have to do it on your own. I will ask you to choose your BEST characterization from your chart, find a “question” stickie to answer with a “maybe”, sketch a visualization that I will give you, answer the inquiry question with your stickie quotes, and answer a few comprehension questions so I know you are on the right track.

Monday -Inquiry and Characterization in Indian Horse


  1. Inquiry questions for Indian Horse. Choose one or two you will explore as you read the book. Record quotes with stickies. I will explain in class.
    1. How does one build resilience?
    2. What are the effects of racism on a person? A culture?
    3. What is the relationship between the land and  First Nation’s people of Canada?
    4. What were the effects of residential schools on the First Nation people of Canada?
    5. Ice hockey is considered Canada’s national sport. What is the impact on Canada’s Indigenous people?
  2. Stickies explained. Make sure you use them when you read!
  3. Characterization

Wednesday- Sugar Falls continued,

Death of Indigenous children at residential schools shreds Canadian flag. (Cartoon by Malcolm Mayes)

The Scream by Kent Monkman


  1. Look at the following images.
    1. Deconstruct them with the people in your group.
    2. In your visual journal, respond to the images OR Sugar Falls in visual form.

Continue working on Sugar Falls. Due on Friday.

Sugar Falls

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