Tuesday- Grammar and WWII in film

  1. No Red Ink- identifying complete thoughts and using FANBOYS to combine complete thoughts. Do both exercises by tomorrow.
  2. WWII in novel turned to film: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    1. As you watch the film, create three questions you have about WWII and the Holocaust.
    2. This film shows “irony”. What is the situational irony in¬† this film?
    3. What is the theme of this film? What did you learn about WWII from this movie?

Friday- Discuss assignment #2 and then examine through a psychological lens

  1. In your group, showcase your assignment to the other people in your group. Here are some discussion prompts:
    1. I like the way you ….
    2. I wonder …
    3. Explain to me ….
    4. What about ….
    5. I connect ….
  2. Self assess according to the rubric.
  3. When you are done, read the following article: Simply Psychology
  4. Discuss in your group what Freud is trying to say THEN create a visual that explains the three psyches like the one below or another of your choice: Image result for id ego and superego
  5. As a group, do the following exercise and add to your Powerpoint #3. Psychological Lens