Tuesday- In-class essay

Using only an outline, your story and a thesaurus, write your essay in class.

Be sure to format your quotes properly, include a works cited at the end of the essay.

Reminder of academic writing: present tense, no contractions, slang or colloquial language. 

When you are done, print the essay and give to me.

Monday- “The Watch”

  1. Remember that your “re-genre” of Eva’s Story is due tomorrow. Please have it printed for me.
  2. Do the vocabulary and the pre- writing from this assignment and read the author’s biography https://www.biography.com/writer/elie-wiesel
  3. While you are working, show me your combining sentences from your essay with Mr. Chan
  4. After 40 minutes of vocab building and descriptive writing, we will read the story

Friday- Eva’s Story

Continue with Eva’s story

  1. Assessing YOUR “Eva’s Story”.
  2. Continue working on your assignment- I have another option!!!
  3. Do a “Points” exercise for the article below. This means you are to read the article- find ONE quote that you find interesting- ONE quote that you think is of value to you- ONE quote that you question. Each quote should be in quotation marks with the author’s last name in brackets. See the document below for an example.
  4. Due on Monday.

Thursday- The Holocaust Story

The Holocaust in story 

There have been many ways that authors have recorded the stories of WWII, in particular, the horrors of the Holocaust. Novels, short stories, poems, movies and now, instagram. Which genre do you think is the most effective in teaching 2019 Canadian students about this historical event and to teach us “lest we forget”.

  1. First some background on the deportation of Hungarian Jews
  2. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/hungary-after-the-german-occupationImage result for hungary map in europe
  3. Eva’s Story- Is it appropriate to use social media to teach about the Holocaust?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/eva.stories/?hl=en
  5. After watching Eva’s story on Instagram (watch in order), choose ONE of the following activities:
    1. choose three “days” and translate into a narrative poem.
    2. choose three “days” and make into a short, short story (no more than 500 words) 
    3. choose 1-3 days and create a visual interpretation of the events. You can do a collage or a drawing or your own type of visual representation. It is due on Friday, so no need to create the Mona Lisa- keep it simple, yet insightful
  6. It will be due on Monday. Remember, this is not a huge project. It is to provide you with an opportunity to present a story in a new genre. What is lost in the change? What is gained?

Tuesday- for homework for Wednesday

  1. Brainstorm  what life was like for middle class-upper middle class woman in America in the early part of the 20th century (1900’s). What were their responsibilities? Their rights? 
    2. Brainstorm with partners about Gothic might mean- movies/literature/vocab

1. Vocabulary: For tomorrow define the following words and put them in showing sentence. Copy and paste on your own document as they will be added to the short story sheet tomorrow.


Tuesday-Essay updates, Free Write, Poetry

  1. Tests back and discussion about marks
  2. Essays- all together now! Find two sets of sentences that combine and bold your attempt at combining properly. One should use a comma and a FANBOY and the other should use a ;THAMO’s, .
    1. Is your essay double spaced?
    2. Times New Roman
    3. Does it show academic language?
    4. Did you take Mr. Chan’s feedback into consideration??