Thursday- Lit Assessment + Reflection

  1. the videos and look at practice test.
  2. Year end reflection for Grade 12 English. For 5 completion marks, I would like you to complete a Riverside Self Reflection (on your Edublog or seen below). Post on your blog under English 12 and TAG it as per the instructions on the document.
  3. Post the link to your Edublog on TEAMS.
    1. I would like you to choose one of the following sources: your narrative, your spoken word, your synthesis, or your Gothic project.
    2. Choose ONE of the following prompts to use in reflecting on the chosen assignment:
      1. Critical Thinking: Engages in inquiry & investigation; identifies & explores challenges related to an assignment, community, or world; creates and carries out plans; gathers, interprets, synthesizes information and evidence; draws reasonable conclusions
      2. Creative Thinking: Can make ideas work within the constraints of the form, problem, or materials; when ideas don’t work, adjusts steps to improve success; expects ambiguity, failures, setbacks and perseveres to develop ideas and get them to work
      3. Communication: Work with others to accomplish goals (face to face or using digital media) examples: solve a problem, conduct an inquiry, plan a performance, etc.

Monday- Novel Study cont’d and Lens paragraph #2

Welcome back! Here is the plan for the next two weeks + one day

Today we will

  1. Sculpt a symbol using playdoh that represents a characteristic of one of the characters.   Don’t tell the other students what it is or who it represents. You will take turns guessing the symbol and the character.
  2. Discuss what you have read over the holidays.
    1. What surprised you?
    2. What questions do you have?
    3. What scene stuck with you? Why?
    4. What made you laugh? Or hate?
  3. Lens paragraph. In your group, discuss your lens. Each person must discuss what they understand. Help each other out! Write your second lens paragraph. Due Wednesday at noon. I will give you some time tomorrow to work on it as well.
    1. Note that the paragraphs will be marked out of /10. Consider the following:
      1. Do you clearly answer 1-2 of the questions I have offered on the Literary Theory PPT?
      2. Is your answer accurate?
      3. Have you shown insight into the novel (theme, conflict, etc)
      4. Can you connect to global or societal issues?
      5. Have you considered the author’s intent, background, or creative process, in your analysis?


Tuesday- TEDTalk +Read

  1. Essential questions to be answered in your future TedTalk:
    1. How can literature be an agent for social change?
    2. How do we form and shape our identities?
    3. In the face of adversity, what causes some humans to fail and some to prevail?
  2. Watch the following TEDtalk. What makes this speech engaging? Interesting? Relevant? What is the theme/message? What is the answer to question #2? 50 Shades of Gay
  3. Read your book OR write your lens paragraph. It is due tomorrow.
  4. Here are the notes we took from today.