Thursday/Friday- almost done!!

A. Reflection. On your blog, please post a reflection answering one of the questions below. It is up to you to decide under which competency it applies. Put the link to your blog and the reflection on TEAMS. Eg. #1 may be about critical thinking but it can also be creative thinking if it focusses on novel or unique ideas. Or it may be personal awareness if it focusses on your work habits or personal awareness. Choose the # that best applies.

  1. Has your thinking changed after a particular assignment? Or after a particular unit? Explain.
  2. What are you going to do with the skills and information you learned in this class?
  3. What was the most interesting and/or enjoyable assignment you did in English 12? Why?
  4. What assignment would you like to do all over again? And if you could, what would you change?

B. When you are done, begin work on your visual project. 

Using playdoh, pastels, crayons, etc, create a symbolic representation of the big ideas in this book. It should include a minimum of 10 elements (drawings, sculpture, etc) that have a common thread. Use the “yes, and… ” technique to hear everyone’s voice.

Present it to me and then take a photo to add to your final blog post. Include a short explanation of the symbols, the big ideas, and how you collaborated to come to this final masterpiece. Post on blog with the Title: Novel Ideas 


  1. Monday- happy graduation!!!
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday:
    1. Final Discussions with your group. Here are the questions.
    2. Each group will have a variety of questions. Choose three you would like to discuss in the hour.
    3. After break: work on narrative. MLA formatting means double spaced, 12 font. Due on Thursday midnight. There will not be time to work on it Thursday in class.


  1. Discuss lens
  2. Write final lens paragraph and post on padlet
  3. Choose which of the three is the BEST for depth and insight (Psst- I like the ones that bring in the author’s life the best) and post in TEAMS.
  4. Work on your narrative essay- due next Thursday at midnight. No extensions!!

Wednesday- Online (last one!)

Let’s begin with No Red Ink- parallelism

Then we will do some creative writing.

Watch this:

Think of a moment in time that was powerful for you. Eg. the penalty kick, your first kiss, standing in the spotlight, breaking up with someone, knowing you were in trouble, confronting a friend or family member. It can be fictional OR real.

List the sensory details: sight, sound, smell, taste, feel, emotions.

Now take that list and show, don’t tell that moment. As the video instructs, use lots of words….share it with your group in your channel if you choose. Regardless, post in TEAMS for completion marks. 

Begin working on your narrative essay- get at least one line down.

Choose how to spend your time: narrative essay, read, last lens paragraph



If you are at home, you are reading.

In class:

  1. Discuss your lens analysis with the group
  2. Read the other posts on your Padlet. You are asked to comment on at least two of the other posts with a thoughtful question. (I wonder…, What about…., I connected this with…,)
  3. Choose your next lens for Thur/Fri.
  4. You will write ONE more paragraph on Thurs/Friday. You do NOT have to write one for today.  
  5. When you do write it next class, consider the following:
    1. Do you clearly answer 1-2 of the questions I have offered on the Literary Theory PPT?
    2. Is your answer accurate?
    3. Have you shown insight into the novel (theme, conflict, etc)
    4. Can you connect to global or societal issues?
    5. Have you considered the author’s intent, background, or creative process, in your analysis?
  6. Final paragraph will be due Saturday June 19th at noon.
  7. Break
  8. Narrative Essay

Example: Love is found in Withrop

Jae’s Moth Story


Narrative Essay Analysis- due by Sunday night

Discussion groups- lens. Paragraph for your lens #2. Due 24 hours after your class. PUt it on the padlet

Synthesis Essay Corrections and reflection

  1. Edit your essay to reflect my suggestions. Focus on in text citation issues, grammar, awkward sentences and word choices. Don’t worry about the BIG issues.
  2. Hand in the new and improved essay on TEAMS
  3. At the TOP of the essay, reflect on the following question: In writing this essay, I learned how to…. and I still need to improve on ….. What I found the most interesting in researching and/or writing this essay is….. 
  4. If both of these tasks are done, and done well, there is 5 marks for completion.




Unfortunately I cannot be there today, but you have a great TOC who will help you with your discussions and your writing.

Remember- you are to have read half the book by Thurs/Fri. 

9-10pm- Writing Analysis – note: read TWO essays and begin analyzing today. Continue analyzing in class with me on Th/Fr. It is not due until the weekend so no panic to be done today.



Literary Discussion and Lens paragraph

Discuss the following questions:

  1. Plot and Style: What has happened so far and what is your impression of the writing?
  2. Discuss the main traits and actions of the protagonist. How do the decisions and actions of characters reveal their personalities? Give evidence.
  3. What or who is influencing their beliefs and values at this point in the novel? Do you think this is a healthy way to form your beliefs and values as a young adult? Give evidence from the novel and your own life.
  4. Lens: each person is to go over 1-2 questions from their lens’ perspective before forging ahead to write their paragraph. Learn from others!!!
  5. Everyone in your group now has to choose a NEW lens in which to analyze the next 6th of the book. YOu will discuss this lens on Thurs/Fri and write a NEW paragraph then.

When you are done, you are to work on your lens paragraph. Please read the example I give about the movie Grease. It is due 24 hours after your class.





Thus/Fri- In class

  1. If you are at home, you are READING 1/6 of the novel and working on Author’s Background.
  2. If you are in class:
    1. Begin the hour with a sharing of your “Author Background”. What do you think is important to understand about their life when analyzing through a “lens”?
    2. Begin the hour with a quick update on the plot. What surprised you? Confused you? What did you like?
    3. Describe the setting. Is this setting important to the plot? Sometimes setting IS a character, but sometimes it is generic (this story can be anywhere- sometimes this is the author’s intent).
    4. Characters. Who is the protagonist? Antagonist(s)? Are the characters believable based on the author’s characterization? Are you (the reader) meant to like them or hate them? Do you see any flaws or are they ‘perfect’?
    5. Lens. Based on your assigned lens from Wednesday, can you analyze the first 1/6 through your lens? Discuss.
    6. Lens continued.. continue reading the next 2/6 of the novel with your lens in mind. On Mon/Tues. you will be writing a paragraph about your lens analysis. I will give you directions on Monday/Tuesday on how to do this.
    7. For Mon/Tuesday of next week, you are to read 2/6 of the novel and analyze through your assigned lens.
  3. Break
  4. Narrative Analysis
  5. Homework- read the book. You need to have read 2/6 by Mon/Tuesday. If you would like to get a head start on the lens paragraph, here is the assignment. The first paragraph will be due 24 hours after your class.

Wednesday- Online- Literary Lens

Infographics Due Thurs/Fri, June 3/4. You will be sharing your information with the people from your group to get feedback on how to improve. It is due on the day you are in class (Thursday or Friday)

When handing in

  • Piktochart
    • Save as a PNG/Medium quality
    • Attach PNG to TEAMS
  • Canva
    • Download pdf
    • Attach pdf to TEAMS
  • Coggle
    • Make it “public”

Grammar Bytes: misplaced modifiers

Literary Theory (Reading a book through a LENS)

We will be watching “The Office”. S1 E1. (I will show it from my computer) One person in your group will be each of the lens. As you watch, record your observations concerning your lens. For example, if you were watching from a Marxist lens, where do you see “the wealthy exploit the working class”? Can you answer “How can a character’s behaviour be explained in terms of psychoanalytic concepts of any kind (for example, regression, repression of fears or sexuality-as a primary indicator of psychological identity, or the operations of id, ego, superego”? This may be difficult the first time so please be willing to help other people in your group with the analysis. There are no marks so watch and participate to learn and help others learn.

  • Feminist Marxist Critical Lens Psychological Socio-Cultural
    Lauren Veronica Annabel Theo James
    Claire Sydney Paige Denisa Reo


    Aiden Victor Radek Colby
    Daniel Stefan Tyler Sarah Ben
    Kian Rhiannan Taylor Maysan Arshia