Homework Check:

  1. No Red Ink
  2. Fractured Poetry

This class (English 10) is about exploring the Human Condition.

  • In your group, discuss what it means to be human.
  • How can literature/media/images explore the human condition??
  • Media: watch the videos shown in class. What do they say about humanity? How do they say it?
  • Exit slip: What is your favourite film/movie/TV show that explores the human condition and WHY do you say that?


Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone!

This is where I post all the assignments and instructions for the day. Check here everyday, especially if you are sick or absent.

  1. Syllabus: English 10 Overview 2019. This is your first file for your English 10 folder on your device. Save it šŸ™‚

2. Kahoot!!! (test your literature and grammar knowledge)

3. No Red Ink- create an account using the password I have displayed on the board. (Block A is “elastic coat 52” and Block B is “rich jam 84”)

Do the first assignment (rules for capitalization for political parties, academic subjects and ethnicity) It is due by Friday at the latest.Ā 

4. You must bring an object that represents you on Thursday. It should not be too big, or breakable. If you forget, you will have to search through your bag for something but it will be harder to do this assignment. Remember to bring something that represents who you are or an experience you have encountered.

Synthesis Essay- all you need!

On Tuesday, we will begin brainstorming for this essay AFTER we go over “The Watch”.

Tomorrow will be group review

For extra reading (if you want) Silence- Short Story

Timeline for the next three weeks:

Tuesday- C and C Assignment 10 ’19 S’2

Compare and Contrast- outline Block

Wednesday (review for the test and continue brainstorming)

Thursday-Thesis Statements for C and C Gr. 10 alt

Friday- test and continue working on thesis

Monday- Begin outline

Tuesday- outline

Wednesday-Tuesday- Write in class!!!!

Here are the links you need to write:

Examples of synthesis essays (good and bad):Ā 

Introduction examples for compare and contrast

Developing Examples Gr.10 IH and SF

Example of intro and body for Danger and Help

Example Synthesis Essay – TKAM & TH


Quotations Reference Sheet

Quotes for practice formatting


Rubric for compare and contrast essay




Monday- The Watch

  1. Do the questions for “The Watch”. They will be due on Tuesday.
  2. There will be a quiz on ALL these poetry terms on Friday. Here is the quizlet to help you out:
  3. There will be a quiz on the following poems and stories on Thursday: “The Watch”, “First They Came for the Jews”, “Danger of Silence”, “What do you remember of the evacuation?” It will be short answer questions. Know the meaning and significance of each of the sources and the poetic devices. Focus on themes and connections to our central question: What are the effects of discrimination and how can we possibly eliminate it?

Friday- Butterfly AND Thinking

  1. I am sorry I am away today. A family issue has come up. Mrs. Hui was my student teacher two years ago and she is lovely. Be nice!! BTW- I only see the narrative posts for Amir, Phoenix, Elizabeth, Ethan, Saejin, and Varick. Remember you need to start it with a First People’s Principle of Learning, two things you are proud of and two things you want to improve and an image with your corrected essay. IF YOU DID THIS AND YOU DON’T SEE YOUR NAME, SEND ME THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG
  2. Do a reflection on either your spoken word OR your narrative essay. Choose ONE of the following prompts and respond. Remember to post it to your blog under Core Competencies AND Tag it correctly. I will give you 5 marks for doing it… but if you put little to no effort into the reflection, you will not get full mark.
    1. Personal Identity-” I understand that my identity is made up of many interconnected aspects (such as life experiences,
      family history, heritage, peer groups).” – Explain how your work reflects this “I” statement
    2. Creative Thinking- “I have deliberate strategies for quieting my conscious mind (e.g., walking away for a while, doing
      something relaxing, being deliberately playful) so that I can be more creative.” OR “I can persevereĀ  to develop my ideas. I expect ambiguity, failure, and setbacks,
      and use them to advance my thinking.” –Choose one “I” statement to respond
    3. Communication: “I present information clearly and in an organized way.” OR
      I can present information and ideas to an audience I may or may not know“-
  3. When you are finished, use the steps on the board to analyze this poem: The Butterfly. Work with a partner and do not look at your device for hints until you have exhausted everything you know.
  4. If you have time, continue working on the “Poetry Devices” sheet Poetry Devices. It is due on Monday.