Monday- Work Block

  1. Finish Coggle. What are some big ideas that interest you?
  2. English project- begin or continue working on this project. It is due Thursday, November 4th.
  3. Wrapping up the Gothic:
    1. Tuesday- Stephen King
    2. Wednesday and Thursday- Frankenstein
    3. Friday- Twilight Zone OR work on project
    4. Monday/Tuesday- project and review for test
    5. Wednesday- Final Gothic Test. I am putting the outline together now. Will get to you ASAP. Mix of short answers and paragraph answers.

Wednesday- Narratives

  1. Work on your poem. Have a printed copy for tomorrow.
  2. Work on No Red Ink
  3. Narratives returned
    1. read stellar examples
    2. do the corrections on your essay
    3. Hand into TEAMS for reflection marks

3. Self-Reflection on the Core Competencies: Positive Personal and Cultural Identity

  1. Reflect on the theme of your narrative essay.
  2. Which of the Indigenous Principles of Learning is reflected in your narrative?
  3. On a Riverside Core Competency document (on your blog), explain which one applies and why. What did you learn about yourself through this narrative essay?
  4. Tag it as per the instructions on the document.
  5. On TEAMS, “hand in” the link to your reflection AND the corrected essay for reflection marks

Tuesday- Yellow Wallpaper+ MLA +Poet and didn’t know it

  1. Get into groups according to my directions
  2. Go over the answers for Yellow Wallpaper in your group. If you did not do the homework over the weekend, you will do it in class but you are responsible for making sure your answers are correct
  3. No Red Ink: MLA formatting review. Due by Friday
  4. “You are a poet and didn’t know it” competition
    1. write a poem in response to The Yellow Wallpaper. It can be
      1. a lyric OR
      2. a black out OR
      3. narrative
    2. Note: this is a completion mark assignment BUT I will post all poems on the back wall and the class will choose the top two based on word choices AND reflection of Yellow Wallpaper themes. I have prizes for best poet! Due Thursday morning
  5. list4343_found poetry (web-resized)Found Poetry – December 10, 2013 | Welcome to the 7C IRLA Classroom Site!