Thursday, September 24th

  1. Creative expression (mood)
  2. Prompt for the day: friendship
  3. Break
  4. Remember there is a quiz on Monday on the definition of the poetic devices. It will be based on Quizlet (I create the test on Quizlet) with a mix of definitions, terms, multiple choice, written, and true or false.
  5. Downtown Life During the 2010 Olympics
    1. analyze for figurative devices

Wednesday, September 23rd

Figurative Devices review and creation.

Here is a compelation of the reflections for the creative process: read when you have a moment.

Create a group poem with a topic randomly chosen from the cards. Each person is asked to create a line that includes the following devices for their line:

  • Alliteration, consonance, metaphor, hyperbole
  • Simile, assonance, allusion, euphony
  • Symbol, Cacophony, personification, synecdoche
  • Onomatomania, metonymy, oxymoron, end rhyme

“Sleepless in Yaletown” by Evelyn Lau

Find all the figurative devices in the poem.

Monday, September 21st

  • Prompt of the day: competition 
    • please write for 20 minutes non-stop in OneNote. You can write anything you want and grammar does NOT count
  • Storytelling circle
  • Break
  • Portfolio
  • Goal setting: I distributed some goal setting questions under “reflections” in OneNote. Please finish by tomorrow. This is a mandatory part of your portfolio so do it!!

Friday, September 18th

Today you  will read about an author’s creative writing journey and a bit about her process. I am hoping you will get a bit of an understanding of the life of an author. Although the Introduction to her novel is long, it is an easy and fun read.

Instructions: Due Monday 9:00 am 


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Do the following accompanying assignment. We will go over your answers on Monday. The file is in TEAMS as you will get completion marks for it. This assignment is aimed at increasing your vocabulary, understanding the use of allusions, and analyzing for meaning.

Thursday, September 17th

Today we will continue to work on understanding the creative process.

First, we will rate the creative characters. Choose 3 that you like and give them a rating of 1-5 (1 meaning they are developing their skills, and 5 meaning they are top of their game).

When complete, talk to the people in your group about your creative process. (as posted in your reflection).

After we are done the 3D model of your solution, please finish the reflection on design thinking and “hand in” on Teams.

Wednesday, Sept. 16th


  • The “creative thinking” character analysis (on padlet) is due Thursday. (9am)
  • Your reflection on creative thinking is due Thursday (9am)
  • Getting to Know You is due Thursday by midnight

Today, we will be doing some Design Thinking to reflect on the process of creative thinking. This will be a two day activity (about 3 hours). The assignment portion is on TEAMS. You will have time in class to work on it.