If you are at home, you are reading.

In class:

  1. Discuss your lens analysis with the group
  2. Read the other posts on your Padlet. You are asked to comment on at least two of the other posts with a thoughtful question. (I wonder…, What about…., I connected this with…,)
  3. Choose your next lens for Thur/Fri.
  4. You will write ONE more paragraph on Thurs/Friday. You do NOT have to write one for today.  
  5. When you do write it next class, consider the following:
    1. Do you clearly answer 1-2 of the questions I have offered on the Literary Theory PPT?
    2. Is your answer accurate?
    3. Have you shown insight into the novel (theme, conflict, etc)
    4. Can you connect to global or societal issues?
    5. Have you considered the author’s intent, background, or creative process, in your analysis?
  6. Final paragraph will be due Saturday June 19th at noon.
  7. Break
  8. Narrative Essay

Example: Love is found in Withrop

Jae’s Moth Story