Unfortunately I cannot be there today, but you have a great TOC who will help you with your discussions and your writing.

Remember- you are to have read half the book by Thurs/Fri. 

9-10pm- Writing Analysis – note: read TWO essays and begin analyzing today. Continue analyzing in class with me on Th/Fr. It is not due until the weekend so no panic to be done today.



Literary Discussion and Lens paragraph

Discuss the following questions:

  1. Plot and Style: What has happened so far and what is your impression of the writing?
  2. Discuss the main traits and actions of the protagonist. How do the decisions and actions of characters reveal their personalities? Give evidence.
  3. What or who is influencing their beliefs and values at this point in the novel? Do you think this is a healthy way to form your beliefs and values as a young adult? Give evidence from the novel and your own life.
  4. Lens: each person is to go over 1-2 questions from their lens’ perspective before forging ahead to write their paragraph. Learn from others!!!
  5. Everyone in your group now has to choose a NEW lens in which to analyze the next 6th of the book. YOu will discuss this lens on Thurs/Fri and write a NEW paragraph then.

When you are done, you are to work on your lens paragraph. Please read the example I give about the movie Grease. It is due 24 hours after your class.





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