Thus/Fri- In class

  1. If you are at home, you are READING 1/6 of the novel and working on Author’s Background.
  2. If you are in class:
    1. Begin the hour with a sharing of your “Author Background”. What do you think is important to understand about their life when analyzing through a “lens”?
    2. Begin the hour with a quick update on the plot. What surprised you? Confused you? What did you like?
    3. Describe the setting. Is this setting important to the plot? Sometimes setting IS a character, but sometimes it is generic (this story can be anywhere- sometimes this is the author’s intent).
    4. Characters. Who is the protagonist? Antagonist(s)? Are the characters believable based on the author’s characterization? Are you (the reader) meant to like them or hate them? Do you see any flaws or are they ‘perfect’?
    5. Lens. Based on your assigned lens from Wednesday, can you analyze the first 1/6 through your lens? Discuss.
    6. Lens continued.. continue reading the next 2/6 of the novel with your lens in mind. On Mon/Tues. you will be writing a paragraph about your lens analysis. I will give you directions on Monday/Tuesday on how to do this.
    7. For Mon/Tuesday of next week, you are to read 2/6 of the novel and analyze through your assigned lens.
  3. Break
  4. Narrative Analysis
  5. Homework- read the book. You need to have read 2/6 by Mon/Tuesday. If you would like to get a head start on the lens paragraph, here is the assignment. The first paragraph will be due 24 hours after your class.
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