Wednesday- Online- Literary Lens

Infographics Due Thurs/Fri, June 3/4. You will be sharing your information with the people from your group to get feedback on how to improve. It is due on the day you are in class (Thursday or Friday)

When handing in

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Grammar Bytes: misplaced modifiers

Literary Theory (Reading a book through a LENS)

We will be watching “The Office”. S1 E1. (I will show it from my computer) One person in your group will be each of the lens. As you watch, record your observations concerning your lens. For example, if you were watching from a Marxist lens, where do you see “the wealthy exploit the working class”? Can you answer “How can a character’s behaviour be explained in terms of psychoanalytic concepts of any kind (for example, regression, repression of fears or sexuality-as a primary indicator of psychological identity, or the operations of id, ego, superego”? This may be difficult the first time so please be willing to help other people in your group with the analysis. There are no marks so watch and participate to learn and help others learn.

  • Feminist Marxist Critical Lens Psychological Socio-Cultural
    Lauren Veronica Annabel Theo James
    Claire Sydney Paige Denisa Reo


    Aiden Victor Radek Colby
    Daniel Stefan Tyler Sarah Ben
    Kian Rhiannan Taylor Maysan Arshia