Wednesday- Contemporary Storytelling

  1. Cornell Notes Template 3
  2. Go over “In plain sight”
  3. Respond to one of the quotes about Street Art in your visual journal.
  4. Choose ONE of the sources from slides 6,8 or 9  to analyze closer with the Cornell Note Taking document. Post on TEAMS when complete.
  5. We will watch and discuss the slides #3-6 together. Use the Organizer for your thinking
  6. Here is the Organizer for Story telling ppt
  7. Watch #8-11 on your own. Choose ONE to analyze closer on your organizer.
  8. Do the reflection on slide #12.
  9. Hand in the organizer and the reflection on TEAMS.
  10. Optional: I think this song is so lovely! Watch/listen if you like a Johnny Cash sound 🙂