Thursday- Frankenstein Intro and Poetry Making or Analyzing

  1. Vote!  Vote for Valedictorian
  2. Go over key ideas of Yellow Wallpaper
  3. Watch the three videos. With your group,  create a mind map that covers the following topics:
    1. Mary Shelley’s biography
    2. The writing of Frankenstein
    3. Historical Background of that era
    4. themes of the book
    5. Religion
    6. Myth of Prometheus
    7. Gothic Genre
    8. Romanticism
    9. Plot points
  4. Everything you need to know about Frankenstein
  5. The Myth of Prometheus
  6. National Theatre: Biography of MS

Please show me the finished mind map for formative assessment 

  1. Break
  2. Choose one of the following activities to do. It is due by Monday. If you do the poem, bring to school on Monday AND take a photo and put on TEAMS. If you are doing Sick Rose, take a photo of your analysis and post on TEAMS.:
    1. Create a Blackout/Found poem using a page from either story. (You only have to choose one story). Be sure to illustrate and colour. I can photocopy the page you want. The poem should reflect the themes of the story. The History of Blackout Poetry. Redacting Words Since the 1700s | by Øbeat ℙ | Offbeat Poetry | Medium
    2. Analyze “The Sick Rose” for poetic devices and meaning. Answer the question: what is the meaning of this poem and how does it reflect Romantic/Gothic literature?
    1. For homework, watch the following video to understand the plot OR you can read about it here: Written Plot Summary Video of the plot summary