Wednesday- Yellow Wallpaper

  1. Finish reading the story
  2. Discuss
  3. Do all the questions on the assignment sheet- due tonight!
  4. When you are done, you have two options (you will have time to work on this tomorrow -Thursday) and it will be due on Monday at 9am.
    1. Create a Blackout/Found poem using a page from either story. (You only have to choose one story). Be sure to illustrate and colour. The poem should reflect the themes of the story The History of Blackout Poetry. Redacting Words Since the 1700s | by  Øbeat ℙ | Offbeat Poetry | Medium
    2. Analyze “The Sick Rose” for poetic devices and meaning. Answer the question: what is the meaning of this poem and how does it reflect Romantic/Gothic literature?
  5. No Red Ink Quiz on Capitalization and MLA formatting on Monday.