Monday/Tuesday- Lit Circles and Author Background


  1. Key Logistics
    • On the day you are NOT in class, you are to read your novel and work on Lens paragraphs
    • When you are in class, you will be doing book talks with your group AND working on your narrative essays. There will be no time to silent read.
    • Divide your novel into 6 sections. 
  2. You are to have read 1/6 of the novel by your IN CLASS day (Thursday or Friday)



In class, we will look over the essay examples to see how to use transition words, synthesis phrases, block quotes, and strong conclusions.

Please bold your thesis and a minimum of five transition words.

Titles are capitalized and formatted properly.

Your Works Cited should have its own page (insert page break).

Reminder: when in doubt about how to format your Intext citation, just google it. Eg. “How do I do in text citations for websites in MLA?”


Essay Writing- all block

It is time to write….

Notes on formal writing:

  1. No “I”, “you”, “we”
  2. Present tense
  3. No conversation (“This quote shows..”)
  4. No absolutes or superlatives or cheerleading (“This will always be a fantastic book..”)
  5. No contractions ( “They did not…” “They didn’t”)
  6. Refer to authors by their last name
  7. Write out the number if less than 10, otherwise you can use a numeral

Here are some examples of great synthesis essays

Friday- No Red Ink and outline

  1. No Red Ink: Colons and semicolons
  2. Work on thesis and get it checked
  3. This weekend, you should get 1-2 body paragraphs done on the outline!!!! YOu will have time on Tuesday to work on the outline but I will be reviewing grammar, quotes, and other things so there will not be a full two hours.
  4. On Wednesday, we begin writing the introduction and the Works Cited.
  5. On Th/Fri you will be in class writing for two hours with my guidance. I will go over conclusion examples and transition words. If you are at home, you will be working on the essay independently. It is due on Monday!!!!!!!

Wednesday- Contemporary Storytelling

  1. Cornell Notes Template 3
  2. Go over “In plain sight”
  3. Respond to one of the quotes about Street Art in your visual journal.
  4. Choose ONE of the sources from slides 6,8 or 9  to analyze closer with the Cornell Note Taking document. Post on TEAMS when complete.
  5. We will watch and discuss the slides #3-6 together. Use the Organizer for your thinking
  6. Here is the Organizer for Story telling ppt
  7. Watch #8-11 on your own. Choose ONE to analyze closer on your organizer.
  8. Do the reflection on slide #12.
  9. Hand in the organizer and the reflection on TEAMS.
  10. Optional: I think this song is so lovely! Watch/listen if you like a Johnny Cash sound 🙂