Thursday- Poe’s poetry

Gothic Movie Montage

Why do people like gothic movies or stories? Why are they still popular today?

Biography of Poe- abridged

Watch the biography. With the people in your group, decide on the top three events that you think would have affected Poe’s mental health and influenced his writing. (We will not do the reading and the blog post that is in the ppt- thank the quarter system 🙂 

Optional videos on Poe:  Animated Biography or Why You Should Read Poe

Deconstruct “Annabell Lee”. I will give you a paper copy to write on.

Homework: Do the vocabulary assignment AND the prewriting for tomorrow morning. It is due at 9am as you need to know the words to understand the story.

Here is the vocabulary document: Masque Vocab List


Summary of assignments

I wanted to summarize the assignments for you. As I mentioned today, the “in class” portion will be busy with homework. The hybrid weeks will be less busy as you will be reading your novel on the “off site” days. So make some time in the next four weeks to work hard, knowing it will slow down in June.

  1. Blog post- due tonight at midnight
  2. Word Cloud- due Thursday at midnight
  3. No Red Ink- Capitalization- due Monday
  4. Setting paragraph due Thursday
  5. Poetic Devices quiz- Monday (this will be taken directly from the Quizlet site. Please study off quizlet) NOTE: I am not going to teach metonymy or synecdoche!! I will take that off 🙂
  6. Note- there will be more homework on Thursday IF you don’t use the time in class.


Tuesday- Poetic Devices and Gothic Intro

  1. Review of yesterday’s discussion. Share your ideas from the Visual Journal. What is missing?? What do we know about humanity that was not discussed yesterday? Add these words to your Visual Journal. What can we learn from storytelling in all the forms?
  2. Review of Poetic Devices – Kahoot
  3. Quizlet- Use this to study the terms needed for English 12. The multiple choice and short answer quiz will be on Monday next week. NOTE: I WILL TAKE OFF THE METONOMY AND SYNEDOCHE TERMS. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THESE Quizlet for Poetic Devices  
  4. Break
  5. We will get to slide #14 today. The Word Cloud is due tomorrow at 9am. Download the ppt to your English folder.
  6. Here is another (optional) video if you are interested: