Thursday-Friday- Finish Narrative

For January 4th:

  1. Discussion about end of book and a lens paragraph. DECIDE WHO IS DOING WHAT LENS BEFORE THE HOLIDAY. Use your stickies!!!
  2. On Tuesday, you will do a final discussion document that encompasses the last 2/5 of the book. This means you can prepare on Monday night. Use your stickies!!!

If you are at home:

  • work on narrative
  • read

If you are at school:

  • deadwood exercise
  • finish essay
  • get someone to peer edit your essay OR do it yourself
    • dialogue punctuation
    • insight is evident
    • five intentional writing devices are correct, bolded and explained at the bottom
    • sentences are active and strong
    • refer to the rubric to see if you can improve anything
  • print essay if possible AND hand in on TEAMS.

Wednesday- Narrative and Discussion

To do online today:

  1. No Red Ink Quiz- it opens at 12 and closes at 12:30. Keep your videos on for the quiz. When I see you have completed the quiz, listen for your name and you can turn off your video. 
  2. When done, use this time to do some more writing on your narrative. Turn off your mics and video (and sound if you don’t want to be disturbed) but stay online. YOu can ask me questions if you want.
  3. Break- 5 minutes
  4. 1:05- Discussion in your channels. Here is an example of excellent analysis.
  5. Narrative Essay due on Friday by 3pm. No extensions because I am printing and bringing home with me. Reminder that the rubric is at the bottom of the assignment. I am not posting the rubric on TEAMS as I will be using a paper rubric.
  6. Finish your book by January 4th.

Thursday/Friday- Dialogue, Lens, Narrative

If you are at home:

  • read your book. 3/5 should be completed by this Sunday
  • Work on Narrative analysis. Due Friday 3pm (I will give you 45 minutes in class time to work on it)
  • Practice No Red Ink for quiz on Wednesday
  • Brainstorm ideas for your narrative essay. Outline (see below) is due Sunday night. We begin writing on Monday.

If you are in class:

Margaret Bourke-White Artworks & Famous Photography | TheArtStory

Apply Marxist, CRT, Feminist lens to this image. What do you observe?

  • Read the lens paragraphs on Padlet. In the comment section in the bottom, ask a question that extends thinking. Colour code according to my directions. Here is the link to padlet
  • continue working on the narrative analysis. Due Friday 3pm.


  • Dialogue- you have five minutes with a partner to talk about one of the fictional settings below. Record the conversation.
    • someone is wearing the same dress as you to grad OR bought the same car
    • ordering skip the dishes at midnight
    • breaking up with each other (fiction!)
  • On a document, write out the conversation using the correct formatting. I will check over your shoulder to be sure you are doing it correctly
  • Narrative Outline- due by Monday morning. It is on TEAMS. Best to use that one but if you can’t access it, here is the link: Outline narrative essay’20
  • Narrative Introduction- start writing on Monday- due Friday by 3pm. No extensions.


Wednesday- Online- Dialogue and Lit Discussions

  1. No Red Ink- Formatting Dialogue
  2. No Red Ink- quiz on Wednesday, Dec. 16th. I will add optional practice assignments this week if you want to review.
    1. active vs passive
    2. parallelism
    3. Formatting Dialogue
  3. Wednesday Writes – Pacing and slowing down your writing
  4. For your Wednesday Write- write a scene (25 minutes of writing) where you slow down your writing to create suspense. Grammar does not count. If you have dialogue, practice formatting it properly. Choose ONE option:
    1. penalty shot in a sport of your choice
    2. asking someone out
    3. your driving test results
    4. meeting a bear while hiking



EVERYONE is to do this Form  before you sign off for the day.

Monday/Tues (Narrative Essay intro)

If you are at home:

  1. Read your book. You should be 2/5 finished by now with lots of stickies that track your thinking for the discussions on Wednesdays
  2. Be sure your lens assignment is complete and on Padlet. Put it in TEAMS for Lens #1

If you are in school:

  1. Google: A Poet’s Boyhood at the Burning Crossroads (New York Times) 
  2. Libraries: the Cathedrals of our Souls
  3. Break
  4. Continue analyzing your narrative (you have one hour on Th/Fri to finish)
  5. Lens- read your colleague’s posts. Comment or add a question to ONE of the posts in the comments section under the post  (it can be your book or another group’s book). Copy and paste your paragraph into TEAMS for Lens #1.

Thursday/Friday- Narrative Analysis and Lens

At home learners:

Read your book!!! You should have 2/5 of it read by this Sunday. Be sure to use your stickies to track your thinking.

Read with your lens in mind. (see in class assignment if you want a head start)

Finish up No Red Ink if you have not already.

For homework this weekend: Rhetorical Devices for creative writing

At school learners:

  1. Analyzing a narrative essay for writing devices: Opposite of Loneliness
  2. Here is the analysis we did in class:
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  3. Break
  4. Lens assignment:



Wednesday Online

Parallelism : Grammar Bytes – parallelism

Now try it on No Red Ink. For those who want a challenge, try this: Grammar bytes- challenge

  1. Tamara, Kyle, Ellie- try this one: Level 5 Parallelism

Wednesday Writes- show don’t tell

  1. Fill this in show don’t tell

Now change your morning to one of “showing, not telling”. Add to your “Wednesday Writes”.


Group Discussions


-for the discussion leader,  you should be able to record your session for those who like to go back and fix the document before handing in. OR you can record with your phone.

The finished document is due by Friday at 3pm. 

This is the first session. There may be some hiccups. Please complete this form at the end of the session: 

Forms to be completed at 2pm