Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 23-24th


  1. I will bring you a novel to your morning class so you can begin reading ASAP. If you are with me in the afternoon, I will give you the novel in class in the afternoon.
  2. You are required to read approx. 20-30 pages by Wednesday.
  3. Your group will divide the book into five sections- the final section will be read over the Winter Holidays
  4. When you are learning from home, you are reading your book. We won’t be doing much in-class reading. 
  5. By Monday, November 30th, you will have read 1/5th of the book.

Here are your groups. If you see any issues, please email me.

Lovely Bones

Carol, Tiana, Sara, Makayla/ (Online pdf) Kira, Ezra, Soyoon, Yoon

Kite Runner

Nikita, Tamara, Davon, Janice

Son of a Trickster

Christian, Caed, Alex, Johnny

American Dirt

Abigal, Ellie, Jake, Jessica/ Cole, Emily, Ryan, Kyle, Ethan

Red Rising

Myra, Benjamin, Jason, Clement

In-class assignment